At the Black Friar bed and breakfast, The Friar owners and their merry band of friars carry on a tradition of hospitality that goes back to the dark ages of England.

Black Friars, or the Order of Preachers as they were known, were Dominicans. Their namesake comes from their black traveling robes. Their mission was to walk the countryside spreading their beliefs, frequenting taverns and lodging establishments to connect with people.

Characters like "Friar Tuck" became famous for their joyful message and love of fine food, mead, and brew. The Black Friar was revered as a soul that would inspire joyful conversation and happiness in the locals.

Today at the Black Friar Inn, we value the traditions of the past, and all of our merry friars extend a warm and hospitable welcome to travelers from both far and near at our Inn and Pub. Come on by and see for yourself and experience the most unique lodging and dining experience Bar Harbor has to offer.