The Friar's Pub
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Our pub comes alive either Thursday or Friday evening as we present some of the area's most popular musicians. Bobbi Lane, Mark Kanter and the Bluesboy Revue, and B Singer will return for the 2016 Big Sound, Small Pub Summer Series, along with a few newcomers. Check our calendar, and mark yours, for a casual and convivial evening in the Black Friar Pub.
June 23rd Bobbi Lane, July 1st Bluesboy Review, July 7th Jim Coffman, July 15th Scott Marquee, July 22nd Marilyn And Willy, July 3oth Bluesboy Review, August 4th Bobbi Lane, August 8th Jamie Pearson, August 19th B. Singer, August 26th Blueboy Review, September 16th Bluesboy Review, September 24th Jamie Pearson, September 30th Marilyn and Willy

Happy hour and food specials nightly

Breakfast and dinner served daily